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Hi I'm Paige!

Eeeeeeekkkkkkk!!!!! She’s finally here our new niece!!!!!!

Meet Miss Paige Elyse.

My sister in law kept her name a secret up until I begged it out of her 3 days before Paige made her grande entrance. My heart just squeezes every time I think of that sweet face. Except for a little less hair she’s a carbon copy of her big sis so we’re really excited to see if they will be twinkies or if she’ll have her own look as she grows. Of course her paparazzi was there to catch all her best angles and I cannot wait to capture her with big sister Audrey. But for now you’ll have to just enjoy a little Fresh 48 of this perfect little girl.

Fresh 48: Paige Elyse | J lovelady Photography 2019 kansas city photographer

Ok this post took way longer than it should cause I just can’t take my eyes off of her. I think I’ll go over tomorrow for some snuggles. Don’t mind Uncle Kyle and the boys haven’t met her yet Aunt Jess needs more time. I’m not a sharer.